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7 Free Things To Do With Kids in Tenerife

When I planned our trip to I had a tight budget to stick to and two kids to entertain around the clock. I needed to find free things to do with kids in Tenerife or we'd be living on baked beans for the whole month.  I’m going to be honest, the main...

Our First Day in Tenerife

Day 1 We were all pretty knackered after the journey here so we spent the first day chilling out at the apartment and exploring the little village we're staying in. It was a public holiday (which the Spanish take very seriously) so almost everything was shut. We did...

Oh Crap! I Forgot To Socialise The Kids!

It's one of the first questions I'm asked when I tell people our kids don't go to school. "What about socialisation?" Some people who home ed get really frustrated by it. I don't. I was home schooled myself so I have a lifetime's practice in answering this...

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